Battle Spirits Saga


September 15 - October 15, 2023

Sealed Deck Event

Sealed Deck Battles are now available!
Join your fellow summoners to have fun and
get an exclusive promo pack!
Participants in this event are required to purchase
3 booster pack,
and build a deck of 20 cards or more.



September 15 – October 15, 2023

Recommended Format


Best of One Match

Game wins required

Participants are required to purchase
3 booster pack.
Deck must have at least 20 cards.
(There is no upper limit.)
Your deck may contain any number of
cards with the same name.

*Stores may choose to adjust the format to better suit their gaming community.
Please contact your local store directly to confirm.



    Event Pack
    • Sealed Deck Promo Pack x1
    More Details

    12 types of cards! 1 card per pack!
    *Cards are randomly assorted.
    *Alt-art Absolute Ice Shield is a low inclusion rate.

  • Don't miss this chance!


    The promo pack's card types even include
    an exclusive alt-art Absolute Ice Shield!

    Participate this event and you might
    be lucky enough to find one in your pack!

Location Search & Application Method

TCG+ can be used to search for nearby
stores, events, and more!
Use the links below to do a search and apply or
to learn more details about TCG+ and its requirements.