Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 2: Green Tokiwa Deck


February 22, 2024

Welcome back Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

Today we are back with another article to highlight a new strategy from BSS04, Savior of Chaos! In this spotlight, we’re going to focus on a Green strategy led by the Legendary Godslayer Tokiwa himself! So let’s go over some of the new cards Green gets to play with in the new set!

Key Cards

  • [BSS04-069] Divine Bird Tokiwa
    [BSS04-069] Divine Bird Tokiwa
  • [BSS02-077] Eternal Phoenix Tokiwa
    [BSS02-077] Eternal Phoenix Tokiwa
  • [L-L01-006] Wind Aegis General Tokiwa
    [L-L01-006] Wind Aegis General Tokiwa

In Saviors of Chaos, Tokiwa goes through a powerful evolution! With the addition of Divine Bird Tokiwa, if you Ascend using a Preybird that costs 7 or more, you’ll be able to exhaust every Spirit your opponent controls! On top of that, at level 2 and 3 there is a game-changing effect! When this Tokiwa attacks, you may discard your entire hand, and if there is a Preybird among the cards discarded you will be able to draw until your hand size matches your opponent’s! Now, you’ll have a lot of cards and cores to give you a path to victory!

In addition, there is extra synergy with Wind Aegis General Tokiwa, because you can discard it for Divine Bird Tokiwa only to get it back at the end of your opponent’s turn if they end up with more cards in hard than you!

When it comes to pressure, this deck is up there with the best of them! Between Divine Bird Tokiwa having 2 symbols for the double damage, as well as Eternal Phoenix Tokiwa being able to attack twice at level 3, Green will have even more avenues to take down all your opponent’s life in one turn!

Support Spirits

  • [BSS04-077] Hidden Leaf Elf
    [BSS04-077] Hidden Leaf Elf
  • [BSS03-065] Forest Guardian Alraune
    [BSS03-065] Forest Guardian Alraune
  • [BSS04-071] Mother Meadowbird
    [BSS04-071] Mother Meadowbird

Moving into the supporting shell, the first card we would like to break down is the new Hidden Leaf Elf! She is designed to be played with the Swift keyword mid battle, then using her “When Summoned” effect play another Leaf Kindred or Preybird! This will allow you to set up your board during your opponent’s turn, maximizing your cores while leaving them unspent for defensive plays! Use this card to never let your opponents guess your next move!

Next, we will revisit Forest Guardian Alrune, a proven defensive powerhouse for Green! It is a card that forces its opponent to sequence their attacks around it, while never fully avoiding its powerful effect. Now, thanks to the arrival of Hidden Leaf Elf, Forest Guardian Alraune is now able to wait in hand until your opponent commits to their plan of attack, utilizing Swift to play Hidden Leaf Elf into Alraune and completely disrupting your opponent’s Attack Step! On top of this, if this Spirit is played while you control 1 or more Emerald Sanctuary Nexuses, you can gain additional cores to accelerate yourself access to cores.

The last card we want to highlight in this section is Mother Meadowbird! This new Preybird is an Ascend enabler, treating itself as a 7 cost Spirit if used to Ascend into another Spirit. This will provide an affordable path to Divine Bird Tokiwa’s board-exhausting effect! To round out this card’s usefulness, because of Swift, you can play it during your opponent’s attack step to make the most of your next turn’s cores if this Spirit survives!

Support Nexus

  • [BSS03-115] Hurricane Highlands
    [BSS03-115] Hurricane Highlands
  • [BSS01-101] Volcanic Canyon
    [BSS01-101] Volcanic Canyon
  • [BSS03-114] Emerald Sanctuary
    [BSS03-114] Emerald Sanctuary

Green with a Gale-based strategy is a combo deck, and every combo deck has to assemble its pieces. So next we’re going to go over the cards in the deck meant to assemble your winning board!

The first card is Hurricane Highlands! A card that creates additional cores based on Spirits with Gale being played! Its strength is multiplied when you have more than one on board and then playing Spirits that have Gale 2 or higher to make a surplus of cores!

Volcanic Canyon has had a powerful presence in the game since its release in Dawn of History! This nexus doubles the number of cards you see at the beginning of your turn, allowing you to assemble your combo pieces quicker. Additionally, discarding a Wind Aegis General Tokiwa could turn into a break even in advantage when you are able to bring it from your trash to your hand!

The final Nexus in this section will be Emerald Sanctuary, a card that is less powerful on its own but has a number of different synergies! It provides a cheap source of cost reduction, but when paired with Forest Guardian Alraune it really begins to shine! If this card is on the board when an Alraune is played, any copy of this Nexus you own plus the Alraune herself receives an additional Core! This effectively refunds some of your Cores spent to summon Alraune! This will be felt most when you are able to use Swift to play Leaf Kindred Elf, then playing Alraune while gaining additional Cores!

Below we will look at a decklist that will utilize all the aforementioned strategies!

Summary and Outro

There we have it! The Leaf Kindred Spirits will allow the deck to keep its core count up and respond to aggression with spirits that are played during your opponent’s turn. Cards like Thorn Prison, Dream Bomb and Absolute Ice shield to keep your life in a healthy position until you’re able to end the game with Divine Bird Tokiwa or Heavenly Emperor Fenghuang!

What do you think about the new additions to the Green winning strategy? While the deck is still a combo-centric powerhouse, the newer cards will add some consistency and new draw options that should change the flow of the game in your favor!

BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in your local game stores in March of 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s article that will feature yet another new strategy to utilize!



4x BSS04-077 Hidden Leaf Elf
4x BSS03-065 Forest Guardian Alraune
3x BSS04-071 Mother Meadowbird
3x L01-006 Wind Aegis General Tokiwa
2x BSS03-073 Black Huntsman Schatten Yaeger
2x BSS02-077 Eternal Phoenix Towikia
3x BSS04-069 Divine Bird Tokiwa
3x BSS03-069 Heavenly Emperor Fenghuang


4x BSS03-115 Hurricane Highlands
4x BSS01-101 Volcanic Canyon
3x BSS03-114 Emerald Sanctuary


4x BSS03-135 Strong Draw
4x BSS02-133 Thorn Prison
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield
3x ST03-015 Dream Bomb