Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 1: Red-Siegwurm-Ira-Deck


February 22, 2024

Welcome back Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

We have been so very excited to share the spoilers from BSS04 -Saviors of Chaos- with you all!
Today, we are back to share with you some new ideas for incorporating the new cards into your arsenal! Whether you’re new to Battle Spirits Saga and need a place to start or a veteran who’s in need of a base to start your own list, in this article series we will be going over new strategies featuring various Spirits introduced in Saviors of Chaos!
First up, Star Dragons!


  • [BSS04-009] Dinocarrier Apato
    [BSS04-009] Dinocarrier Apato
  • [BSS01-001] Supernova Dragon Siegwurm Nova
    Supernova Dragon Siegwurm Nova
  • [BSS04-001] Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm Ira
    Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm Ira

While the Ascend Keyword will be present in all of the colors this set, it has been in Red since set 1, Dawn of History! What’s more, the Ascend Keyword was attached to a certain Star Dragon, making some additional synergy in a deck like this!

Pictured here are the aces of the deck. All 3 of these cards have the Ascend Keyword which will come into play later in this article, but when it comes to powerful boss Spirits, you’d be hard-pressed to find better! Just in case you forgot, Supernova Dragon Siegwurm Nova allows you to hit the reset button on your life total, not only giving you a second life, but in turn more cores to work with as you take more damage! From there you’re able to mow down entire boards with his “When Attacking” effect! Now when it comes to the new game-changer, Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm, this card is a beast of a different kind! Its “When Summoned” effect, if the correct conditions are met, it will destroy every other Spirit on the board that only has one Symbol (found in its bottom right corner)! Now while it is a double-edged sword that destroys both your and your opponent’s Spirits, the kicker here is that because it does not ask you to select targets, this effect gets past protection effects and Keywords like Armor: Red that usually stops Red decks in their tracks! This card will allow Red to play against White like it never has before!

Lastly, there is Dinocarrier Apato, who is a straightforward, yet powerful card! This card needs to activate the Ascend Keyword on a Spirit that costs 4 or more, but boasts 2 symbols! Which is important because on top of this card providing 2 Red reduction, this card can deal 2 damage to an opponent’s life if the attack connects! This adds a new level of game ending potential, being able to attack for 2 damage into 2 life even with an BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield set in the opposing Burst Zone, ending the game before it can even be activated!

All of these facts together make this deck a true force to be reckoned with, with not a single board able to stand tall against its savage might!

From Start To Finish

Now, as you all may have noticed these endgame Spirits are very high in cost, so there is a little work in getting them to the board that requires a specific combinations of cards. So, to make sure we can assemble them in a timely manner, we will introduce cards to help us increase our hand size and gather our key pieces in hand together.

  • [BSS01-101] Volcanic Canyon
    [BSS01-101] Volcanic Canyon
  • [BSS04-105] Temple of the Sunstone
    [BSS04-105] Temple of the Sunstone

These two Nexuses will help this deck build up reduction as well as help draw additional cards to reach the ones you need. As many of you are familiar with, Volcanic Canyon will allow you to draw an extra card after your Draw for turn, then discard one card from your hand, seeing an additional card! However, the new nexus, Temple of the Sunstone, will allow you to draw a card when a smaller Spirit attacks you, which fits right in line with some of our larger pay off plays! However this Nexus has even more value, because at level 2, it will also allow you to draw when your Spirits with Ascend deal damage to your opponent! So even as you establish your board you can keep your hand healthy and full of options!

  • [BSS04-116] Ancient Draw
    [BSS04-116] Ancient Draw
  • [BSS01-118] Starblessed Draw
    [BSS01-118] Starblessed Draw

Next,comes the Magic cards that help us dig deeper into the deck! The first one we’re going to elaborate on is from the new set, Ancient Draw! This is an amazing draw spell that will draw 2 cards, but then check the top 3 cards of the deck to check for Spirit cards with the Ascend Keyword. Allowing you to draw 2 and potentially grab and extra 1 to 3 cards if probability is on your side! Of course, the more cards you add into your deck with Ascend, the better this card gets at finding additional cards! Then as it’s other Main/Flash effect, it can boost a Spirit’s BP by a whopping 5000, making this a card with multiple, powerful uses!

Then coming back to a card that has stayed in the meta since set 1, Starblessed Draw will allow you draw 2 for a low cost of 2-4 cores, but given the correct circumstance, you can activate it from your Burst area in order to draw up to 4 additional cards! Since many cards with Ascend have “When Summoned” effects, this card will be more valuable than ever!

Putting It All Together

So now, all there is to do is add in some powerful spells and Spirits from the Red card pool and round out the decklist and show you the base of the ideas we outlined above! The purpose of this deck is to draw cards, take damage strategically, clear the board then set up for victory with your brood of Star Dragons! Tear through any opposition and attack with ruthless ferocity with this new strategy! Below is a decklist that should give you some insight on where to start with this kind of deck!

Are you excited to sleeve up these cards and test out the new Star Dragon deck for yourself? We’re excited to see all the ways that Summoners will build this strategy in upcoming events after the release of Saviors of Chaos!

BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in local game stores starting March 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Make sure to watch out for the next article!

Explosive Potential

  • [BSS01-117] Big Bang Energy
    [BSS01-117] Big Bang Energy

With all of these pieces in place, it’s time to reintroduce a fan favorite: Big Bang Energy! Using this card you can make all of your Star Dragons in your hand the same cost as your current life, but keep their reductions the same! With the addition of Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm Ira into the game, you can now add clearing the board and card draw into the mix! This allows you to dig for more options to play off of Big Bang Energy to set up the best board possible, pushing the Star Dragon Archetype to new heights of power!

  • [BSS04-005] Gray, Servant of Siegwurm
    [BSS04-005] Gray, Servant of Siegwurm
  • [BSS04-002] Dustwyrm Drought Dragon
    [BSS04-002] Dustwyrm Drought Dragon

Now for some of the final key pieces to fill out the deck, we’ve included 2 more additions from BSS04 Savior of Chaos! First up there is Gray, Servant of Siegwurm! Using the Soul Core as a part of its summoning cost changes the cost of your next Red Spirit with Ascend to the total number of life you have, similar to Big Bang Energy, for 1 Spirit! In addition, this spirit can use its Level 3 ability to destroy pesky nexus cards your opponent controls! Lastly, as an added bonus, since it has Siegwurm in its name and has a cost of 6, it can be used to fulfill the Ascend requirements to get the full utility out of both Supernova Dragon Siegwurm Nova as well as Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm Ira!

The next card in this spotlight is Dustwyrm Drought Dragon, a unique Star Dragon that, when your life is at 3 or less, this card can be played inexpensively and later be used as a target for Ascend! Dustwyrm Drought Dragon even destroys an opponent’s Spirit with 5000 power or less when it is played, making this card very well-rounded in its utility!



3x ST01-004 Rainneedle
3x BSS01-022 Dinoman Tyrannnoid
2x BSS04-009 Dinocarrier Apato
2x BSS04-005 Gray, Servant of Siegwurm
3x BSS04-002 Dustwyrm Drought Dragon
4x BSS02-006 Meteor Emperor Siegwurm
2x BSS01-001 Supernova Dragon Siegwurm
3x BSS04-001 Rage Star Dragon Siegwurm Ira


4x BSS01-101 Volcanic Canyon
3x BSS04-105 Temple of the Sunstone


4x BSS04-116 Ancient Draw
3x BSS01-118 Starblessed Draw
3x BSS01-107 Big Bang Energy
4x BSS01-121 Burning Force
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield
3x ST03-015 Dream Bomb