Battle Spirits Saga




Take a peek into the six realms
from AQUATIC INVADERS and the stories
that lie within.

  • The Realm of Flame
  • The Realm of Gloom
  • The Realm of Frost
  • The Realm of Radiance
  • The Realm of Forest
  • The Realm of Water

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The Starhavoc Age, Chapter 3 Preface

Following their reappearance, the Voidlord threat was narrowly
turned away by the Godslayer Heroes.
Those efforts, however, left deep scars clawed into the landscape
all across the realms.
This included the Realm of Water, which was home
to the central imperial government.
First the Starhavoc Rains, then the Voidlord Upheaval.
In the wake of those two disasters, popular sentiment toward
the emperor plummeted when the Realm of Gloom parted ways.
Taking advantage of the situation, warmongers
within the government grabbed hold of authority while
secretly acquiring the means to control the Starhavoc Rains.
The broad offensive they would unleash on the world
was meant to show the empire's true might.

It was a horrific assault with few historical precedents,
intended by the warmongers to instill shock and awe.
Yet all the world's denizens responded with deep rooted
hatred and a desire for vengeance.

Every realm possessed a spiritual center, the sacred lands,
and those lands became the empire's objective.
The Starhavoc Rains paled in comparison to the density
of their Barrage, as the tactic would later be named,
which literally washed away the sacred lands with energy
released by its shower of soul cores.
As survivors gathered their strength, four leaders eventually
emerged who would come to be know as the Four Sage Beasts.

Perhaps you, the reader, are feeling it already.
This will become the major turning point in the Early Empire Era.

Albert Lee Mukoko, associate professor of history at the Royal Institute

The Realm of Flame

Inhabited by Ancient Dragons,
dinosaurs, and Serpents.
A barren expanse of rocky deserts and volcanoes.

Longstanding divisions among its denizens prevented the Realm of Flame
from presenting a unified resistance to the invading empire forces.

Their sacred lands were vaporized in a heartbeat by the imperial army's Barrage.

Ignoring Queen Meduke and the others, the empire quickly marched
on with the intention of annihilating the Realm of Forest.

Hope for renewed coherency among the realm's denizens vanished along
with their sacred lands, and an atmosphere of profound apathy fell over them.

A capable leader was needed, and among all the species, voices lamenting
Siegwurm's absence grew in number until many began clamoring hopefully for his revival.

The Realm of Gloom

Inhabited by Serpents,
Shadows, and Undead.
Swamplands, deep, dark forests,
and a vast underground that is likened to hell.

Their assault on sacred lands across the other realms concluded,
the imperial army finally invaded the Realm of Gloom.

Never before had the empire and the Phantasm Archkingdom
come face to face in combat.

Both sides had mastered the use of soul cores, diminishing their effectiveness,
so raw military strength made up the brunt of their strategies.

Unfortunately for the Realm of Gloom, frontal assaults left their soldiers floundering,
and their leadership's willingness to flee through the Dark World gate in
a pinch did little to help.

Their eventual decision to bog down the empire using guerrilla tactics
steadily transformed the realm into a wasteland as fighting progressed.

The Realm of Frost

Inhabited by Mecha, Machine Beasts,
and Ice Princesses.
Mechanized cities and
a few sparse patches of green dot a landscape
blanketed in snow and ice.

The Realm of Frost suffered the most by far during this time period.

Having their military conscripted as the empire's vanguard at the start of
the Starhavoc Age delayed subjugation of the Voidlord that followed,
and then the empire destroyed their sacred lands rather than reciprocate their cooperation.

That act only further unified them around their spiritual fulcrum,
the Ice Princesses.

They would eventually take up the gauntlet as leaders of the anti-imperial push,
but first they had to overcome their own despair.

The Realm of Radiance

Inhabited by Fabled Beasts and Angels.
A heavenly paradise with islands floating across the sky
and flowers as far as the eye can see.

The empire mobilized forces, and the Realm of Radiance answered,
handing over soul core secrets and sparing themselves when all of their
neighbors were later invaded.

Consequently, their sacred lands remained untouched.

That those lands would become gathering grounds for anti-imperial
forces was truly ironic.

Coalescing around Genbu, who would later number among the Four Sage Beasts,
a mighty army took shape, beginning with self-governed spirits and growing
more organized with the addition of soldiers from Forest and Frost.

A populace renowned for panicking and fleeing in the face of discomfort was
abruptly thrust into history's spotlight.

It came as a serious shock.

The Realm of Forest

Inhabited by Preybirds, Bladebeasts, and Insectoids.
Rolling hills covered in forests and grasslands.

Godslayer Hero Tokiwa and the Preybirds, the core of their military strength,
were off in another realm when the empire invaded.

This surprise attack by imperial forces would completely wipe out their sacred lands.

After years of being allowed their autonomy, such an abrupt about face by
the empire gave the realm little opportunity to put up much resistance.

However, that meant the bulk of their military strength survived unscathed.

Even nomads need a homeland, which made the sacred lands that much more dear,
and their sudden loss turned every tribe imaginable against the empire.

The Realm of Water

Inhabited by Giants and Aberrations.
Cities spread across vast plains. Cities floating on the waves. The bottom of the sea.

Huge disasters and disaffection coming from the Realm of Gloom had driven
the emperor's authority into the ground.

Mandala and his proponents of war took advantage of that, imprisoning
the emperor and grabbing power for themselves.

They promptly raised an army, which embarked on a worldwide military campaign.

Realm after realm would face devastation from the horrible Barrages
they unleashed using their control of soul cores.