Battle Spirits Saga




Take a peek into the six realms
from SAVIOR OF CHAOS and the stories
that lie within.

  • The Realm of Flame
  • The Realm of Gloom
  • The Realm of Frost
  • The Realm of Radiance
  • The Realm of Forest
  • The Realm of Water

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The Starhavoc Age, Chapter 4 Preface

The government warmongers were ruthless, and no corner of the world
was spared from their violent intrusions.
In the end, however, that solidified the six realms with their
disparate intentions into a single, anti-imperial entity.
Spirits surviving the violence steadily gathered on the Realm of
Radiance's sacred lands, which had managed to escape destruction.
Eventually, a large military force was organized, with Genbu and
Frost Tiger at its center.

Referred to as the Army of the Four Sage Beasts by later generations,
they spread out before the returning imperial army
and managed to intercept them.
It was nearly an even battle, with the scales tipping slightly in
favor of the Army of the Four Sage Beasts.
However, the imperial army possessed that tactical weapon of unparalleled
strength known as the Barrage.
When the situation grew dire enough for them to finally unleash it,
Siegwurm descended upon the battlefield. And thanks to Tokiwa
and the Dark World's power, he had the assimilated soul of Voidlord Ira.
Siegwurm Ira actually absorbed the energy of all those soul cores
showering down, then blew away the Barrage completely, along with
the imperial army's headquarters.

Their forces immediately fled, and the Army of the Four Sage Beasts
took up pursuit.
Meanwhile, the Phantasm Archkingdom's leaders had returned through
the Dark World gate.

History tells us that a peaceful age known as the Late Empire Era
would soon follow, during which many cultures flourished.
How did those spirits manage to bring the Starhavoc Age to its
conclusion and usher in lasting peace?
I invite you, the reader, to answer that question for yourself as you
following along with this final act of the age.

Albert Lee Mukoko, associate professor of history at the Royal Institute

The Realm of Flame

Inhabited by Ancient Dragons,
dinosaurs, and Serpents.
A barren expanse of rocky deserts and volcanoes.

A long period of division and disorganization followed
Queen Meduke's occupation, until the situation began to change
with the revival of Siegwurm Ira.

All of the tribes universally revered him as their leader.

With the denizens of the Realm of Flame finally reunited,
they mustered their offensive capabilities and confronted Queen
Meduke with some of the sharpest fangs in the world.

After chasing the Serpent forces from their lands,
they invaded the Realm of Gloom, intent on annihilating
the Phantasm Archkingdom, and a glorious victory awaited them.

Freshly reorganized, the Realm of Flame readopted
their role as the world's police force, and they would
contribute to the long-lasting peace that followed.

The Realm of Gloom

Inhabited by Serpents,
Shadows, and Undead.
Swamplands, deep, dark forests,
and a vast underground that is likened to hell.

Making good use of their ability to control soul cores,
the Phantasm Archkingdom took front seat in that disaster
known as the Starhavoc Rains, spreading chaos around the world.

Then their leadership slipped through the Dark World
gates to flee the invading imperial army,
only to doggedly return after the army's defeat.

Following that, the strongest force in the land appeared,
an alliance between Flame and Frost. They were intent on putting
an end to the source of the world's troubles.

After being soundly defeated, the Phantasm Archkingdom once
again took refuge in the Dark World. Only this time,
the gate was destroyed, leaving them stranded on the far side.

That gave the original inhabitants of the Realm of
Gloom a reason to rejoice.

Happy to once again be working as free citizens rather than slaves,
their efforts enabled reconstruction of the empire to proceed
at a rapid pace.

The Realm of Frost

Inhabited by Mecha, Machine Beasts,
and Ice Princesses.
Mechanized cities and
a few sparse patches of green dot a landscape
blanketed in snow and ice.

The destruction in the Realm of Frost had been most severe,
but solidarity remained absolute with
the Ice Princesses out of seclusion.

Their sudden sociability inspired the citizens to focus on
rebuilding and helping to annihilate the Phantasm

And indeed, the Archkingdom was successfully subdued
after an army allying Frost with Flame was organized
to invade the Realm of Gloom.

Once all of the dust had settled, that army was reorganized
into a peace-keeping force by order of the Ice Princesses.
They had proven they could fight, and now they threw their energy
into the advancement of civil engineering,

transforming themselves into a powerful tool useful
for any occasion, including disaster response.

The Realm of Radiance

Inhabited by Fabled Beasts and Angels.
A heavenly paradise with islands floating across the sky
and flowers as far as the eye can see.

Marginalized throughout history, the Realm of Radiance
began taking on an air of importance with the appearance of
that distinguished statesman named Genbu.

In the blink of an eye, he expertly brought order
to the aimless masses that had gathered on
their sacred lands,

and the Army of the Four Sage Beasts he organized
readily smashed the imperial army's warmongers.

One might say Genbu's achievements as chancellor
played a huge part in bringing stability
to the Late Empire Era.

Although the Realm of Radiance was finally showing
the government a little more cooperation,
its denizens remained as carefree as ever.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was their sports competition,
which was welcoming competitors from all around
the world as it steadily grew in size.

The Realm of Radiance had quite possibly become
the era's true representation of peace.

The Realm of Forest

Inhabited by Preybirds, Bladebeasts, and Insectoids.
Rolling hills covered in forests and grasslands.

There was little remaining military strength to be
found in the final days of the Starhavoc Age,
with the exception being the Realm of Forest.

Consequently, it was their spirits who ended up
forming a majority of the Army of
the Four Sage Beasts' fighting force.

Acting without restraint, they crushed those
imperial army warmongers, then proceeded to help
annihilate the Phantasm Archkingdom.

Their enlistment into the army meant these nomadic,
autonomous, and free-spirited individuals
started learning the meaning of efficiency.

The experience appears to have left its mark.
In the Late Empire Era, several large cities took
root in the Realm of Forest as its denizens settled down
and adopted individual roles within the community.

Relinquishing their autonomy, they even began
fulfilling their obligations as imperial
subjects while rejoicing in their own progress.

The Realm of Water

Inhabited by Giants and Aberrations.
Cities spread across vast plains. Cities floating on the waves. The bottom of the sea.

Defeated by the Army of the Four Sage Beasts
and missing their leader, Mandala, the warmongers
fled to their homeland.

They attempted to make a stand after arriving
back on familiar ground, only to have the tables turned on them
when the emperor was released from confinement.

The imperial loyalists once again took power
as the warmongers lost their footing.

Following that, the empire reconciled with the Four Sage Beasts,
who would be welcomed into the political fold while
the present emperor abdicated the throne.

The government formed between the new emperor and
the Four Sage Beasts gained stability and flexibility with the
establishment of a legislative branch and the adoption of
new imperial bylaws by the imperial assembly.

Feudalism was reconsidered in favor of a stable,
more uniform society, paving the way for an age of
peace which would span over 300 years.

Not a single historian has failed to bestow praise
upon this period following the Starhavoc Age,
which would come to be known as the Late Empire Era.