Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 4: Purple Shadow Deck


February 22, 2024


Welcome back Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

It's Purple’s turn to be showcased, so get ready to see the new tools the Shadow archetype has gained in BSS04 - Saviors of Chaos! Purple has always been home to the Immortal Keyword, but now it truly feels like no Spirit is ever really lost. Will you be able to pilot the Dark Knights to victory?

Key Cards

  • [BSS04-018] Dark Dragon Knight Rixa
    [BSS04-018] Dark Dragon Knight Rixa
  • [BSS04-019] Dark Knight Percival
    [BSS04-019] Dark Knight Percival
  • [BSS02-028] Dark Knight Lamorak
    [BSS02-028] Dark Knight Lamorak

As of BSS04, Dark Knights have never been in better form! Introducing Dark Dragon Knight Rixa, a powerful Spirit that enables Purple Removal, but also allows you to reuse a 6 cost or less Spirit from the trash on while it’s level 2 or 3! Ascending into this card will remove a core from each of your opponent’s Spirits! Then, when it attacks at the correct level, it can revive a Spirit with a cost of 6 or less without paying its cost! This Spirit already will deal 2 damage if it connects, but it will also add another attacker to the board to potentially push even more damage! Truly a commanding presence in this deck!

Then comes Dark Knight Percival! One of the strongest targets for Rixa’s effect, as it in turn will play another card without paying its cost! Potentially creating a board from virtually nothing! A neat interaction as well, is that being a 6 cost Shadow Spirit, you can use it to pay the Ascend cost for Rixa, then use Rixa’s “When Attacking” effect to play the very same Percival to the field and then pay the Soul Core to revive another Spirit that costs 4 or fewer! The synergy between these 2 cards is otherworldly!

To round out this trio, we have Dark Knight Lamorak from BSS02! Another Shadow Spirit that can recycle the first Purple Spirit that is destroyed on your turn, giving it unbridled synergy with cards like Aglovale, Costume Artist, Rotting Swamp, Deadly Balance, Doubly Deadly and more! Also, being a Spirit with a cost of 4, he can be played from the trash for free by Percival, potentially leaving you with the cores needed to immediately set him at level 2, ready to recycle cards destroyed by some of the effects in this deck!

Your Loss is… Your Gain?

  • [BSS01-044] Dark Knight Aglovale
    [BSS01-044] Dark Knight Aglovale
  • [BSS03-019] Costume Artist
    [BSS03-019] Costume Artist
  • [BSS01-108] Rotting Swamp
    [BSS01-108] Rotting Swamp

Now that we've talked about the revival aspect of this deck, we’re going to talk about the effects that aid you when your Spirits go to the trash!

Aglovale has been a Purple mainstay since release, drawing you a card when it is destroyed as long as it’s holding the Soul Core! This opens up drawing interactions with cards like Costume Artist and Rotting Swamp, but also a similarly advantageous interaction with Lamorak as well! Aglovale’s effect also makes him the perfect target to for both Deadly Balance as well as Double Deadly!

Meanwhile,Costume Artist will draw you a card when you attack with her by destroying one of your own Spirits! Cycling through your cards but also becoming an invaluable draw engine when paired with cards like Aglovale, Lamorak and Rotting Swamp. The more of these mentioned pieces that are in play, the stronger your advantage will become!

Rotting Swamp’s importance is paramount. A lot of the effects that destroy your own Spirits happen in your Attack Step, so Rotting Swamp becomes a Nexus that provides reduction as well as helps you see more of your deck! Using all of these cards in tandem will lead you to a plethora of options; and your opponent will unlikely have ways to trump them all.

Destruction and Protection

  • [BSS01-039] Beldegor of the Dark World Seven
    [BSS01-039] Beldegor of the Dark World Seven
  • [BSS01-122] Deadly Balance
    [BSS01-122] Deadly Balance
  • [BSS04-120] Doubly Deadly
    [BSS04-120] Doubly Deadly

Part of Purple’s strength is in its removal, effortlessly taking care of spirits with a low cost or number of cores. Let’s break down the cards that are going to keep you from folding under the opponent’s pressure!

Beldegor of the Dark World Seven is a powerful card that has been one of the most popular user of the Immortal Keyword Immortal: 4 or 5 condition allows a very flexible source of activation and synergy with many attackers and blockers. In this deck, Dark Knight Lamorak serves as a reliable pathway leading to playing Beldegor.

Deadly Balance and Doubly Deadly fit in the same line of removal. Destroying one of your Spirits to destroy 1 or 2 of your opponent’s Spirits of their choosing. While your opponent does choose which Spirits they lose, you have plenty of opportunities to make your opponent’s choice easy by casting this Spell when they only have 2 Spirits! When these are used in your Attack Step with cards like Rotting Swamp or Aglovale, you are able to offset the “drawback” of these cards by a considerable amount!

  • [BSS01-125] Core Theft
    [BSS01-125] Core Theft
  • [BSS04-106] City of Shadows
    [BSS04-106] City of Shadows

Rounding off the removal and utility in this Purple list, we arrive at Core Theft! This card’s power is only limited by the amount of cards that you’re willing to discard. Core Theft is also the primary discard outlet to get Spirits into the trash where they can be revived by Rixa later!

Finally, we are going to wrap this up with the new Nexus, City of Shadows! This card will provide a bit of a counterbalance to decks that use effects to gain additional Cores to their reserve or Spirits, giving you additional Cores as well!

Now that we’ve gone over the most important pieces, it’s time to go over the full decklist and wrap up the article!

Consistency Boosting

Even in Saviors of Chaos, Purple remains a deck that shows off its incredible power when you understand the intricate relationships between its cards. The synergy between its cards allows you to get the most out of each card and even use them again once they’ve been sent to the trash!

As a Purple player, or someone who has been thinking about playing the color; how are you feeling about the new cards it received this set? Are you excited to pilot it at your next event?

BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in your local game stores in March of 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Be sure to stay tuned for the next BSS04 Deck Spotlight article!



3x BSS01-044 Dark Knight Aglovale
3x BSS01-039 Beldegor of the Dark World Seven
4x BSS03-019 Costume Artist
2x BSS04-020 Warden Gargoyle
3x BSS01-046 Dark Lancer Cavaliere
4x BSS02-028 Dark Knight Lamorak
3x BSS04-019 Dark Knight Percival
3x BSS01-035 Dark Bishop Baculus
3x BSS04-018 Dark Dragon Knight Rixa


4x BSS01-108 Rotting Swamp
3x BSS04-106 City of Shadows


2x BSS01-122 Deadly Balance
3x BSS01-125 Core Theft
3x BSS04-120 Doubly Deadly
3x BSS04-123 Death Sword
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield